Box Office

1. Frozen $384M
2. The Lego Movie $183.1M
3. About Last Night $38.1M
4. Winter’s Tale $0M
5. 300: Rise of An Empire $0M
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Image HERCULES | Starring The Rock
Another comic-book adaptation to make this year’s film roster more enticing. This time round everyone’s favourite actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is the... Read more
Image THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN | Awesome Final Trailer
It’s not easy dishing out promo video after another, coupled with images and viral content without seemingly exhausting all the surprises your movie... Read more
Image GODZILLA | Third Trailer
2014 has a huge slate of offerings to wet the mouth of ardent movie fans!  This third Godzilla trailer (long awaited and inevitable... Read more
Image MALEFICENT | New Trailer
Front and center of this fairytale adaptation is Angeline Jolie. Remember Sleeping Beauty? Well, this is live-action adaptation (with some liberty taken) that... Read more
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